Advogato #11

Leif Johnson — 14 Nov 2003, 19:11

Yowsas, it's been a long while since I haven't been here.


In between then and now, I moved almost halfway across the world, thought about getting a gig teaching math, waffled on decisions, was offered a lifeline (in the form of a coding contract) and have, for now, decided to commit to another year of coding. So I'm living in San Francisco (what a great city) and trying to figure out how to pay rent using my computer.

I've also been doing some volunteer work as a precal TA at a high school here. It looks like I'll get to teach a course on programming next semester. Good times, good times.

CCM Tools

We've just reached another release point for the ccmtools ! I'm quite excited. The tools have reached a state of greater maturity (which means they can generate component boilerplate in C++ for more types of input IDL files), and with the next release—in the next month—we'll have a decent generator for remote (out-of-process) CORBA component boilerplate and testing, plus a Python wrapper generator so you can test out your business logic in Python.

Exciting stuff. I can't wait to get access to a Beowulf cluster to test this distributed component development stuff with. Anyone have experience with CORBA components on clusters at all ?


I got going a couple weeks ago with PyGTK and gst-python (many, many thanks to jamesh, dlehn and others) and whipped out a nifty music player applet for the GNOME panel. With GStreamer in the back, GTK+ in the front, and Python in between, it's easy to write nice looking media apps—hooray !

So, that's the activity at the moment ... happy hacking !