Update on life in SF

Leif Johnson — 11 Sep 2003, 18:09

Teaching at last

Some good news on the teaching front. I suppose I should say “tutoring at last” ... but it's good. I have started the process of volunteer tutoring at Gateway High School, looks like I'll get to start for real sometime next week (following the requisite volunteer orientation, TB test, and background check).

But the news keeps coming, and gets better : Gateway has a really large precal honors class this year, and the principal asked if I could help out as a sort of volunteer TA. Nice ! So, again after the requisite formalities, I'll get to help out in the classroom, in addition to getting some nice real classroom observation and semi–participation time. I hope I'll have a much more solid foundation after this semester/year so I can feel out for sure whether high school teaching is something I'll want to do more of in the future.


Spending money is, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, all too easy in this crazy town. I just left Amoeba records (south side of Haight just east of Stanyan) and managed to escape with 4 used CDs : Best of Doc Watson 1960–1964, 2000 Millennium (Carl Cox), Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Mothership Connection (Parliament). That store's going to expand my music collection considerably, but, as always, at a price. Though it's a lower price than most other places.

I also just invested $ 30 in a wireless card for the laptop. A nice purchase, I think ; wireless is so nice. And, to make it even more beautiful, wireless under Linux just works, in the best sense of that term. Thanks, everyone, for writing solid drivers, documentation, and support tools !


The UPS delivered a sizeable chunk of my stuff from NC yesterday : bike, books, CDs, computer-on-a-board, photos, Nepali thankas (medidation paintings). My room quickly jumped over the fence between sparse and crowded ... must find a way to get rid of some stuff. Sigh, the eternal battle rages on.